Weekly Roundup 04/14/23 (ETH unstaking, FedNow vs CBDCs, NYT on mining, FTX 2.0 gets closer) (EP.416)

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Is Ethereum going through a ‘bullish unlock’?
  • Did the SEC decicion around staking help decentralize Ethereum?
  • What is a commodity?
  • We pitch futures for restaurant bookings
  • The problem with ‘phygitals’
  • What’s going on with DWF labs?
  • Twitter users will be able to trade crypto through the app
  • Is FedNow a CBDC?
  • Does FedNow introduce risks to the banking system?
  • A relaunch of FTX gets more likely
  • How the DOJ caught the Silk Road hacker
  • Could a CBDC emerge which is actually private?
  • We roll out the Tap In or Tap Out segment
  • Is France going to become a crypto haven?
  • The NYT article on Bitcoin mining
  • Did the NYT doctor pictures to make Bitcoin miners look more polluting than they are?
  • CIV is hiring

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