Weekly Roundup 05/05/23 (Bank apocalypse, Biden’s miner tax, Bhutan’s crypto ambitions) (EP.422)

Matt and Nic are back with another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Updates on South Shore Bar Pie
  • The CIV boys consider new sponsors
  • Regional banks keep failing
  • Is the turmoil in the bank sector deflationary or inflationary?
  • How does the Fed end the banking crisis?
  • McHenry’s stablecoin bill
  • Biden proposes a 30% tax on Bitcoin miners
  • Why Biden’s DAME tax is counterproductive
  • RFK Jr’s pro-crypto takes
  • Nic throws his hat in the ring for RFK Jr
  • Gensler running for Senate in Maryland/
  • Where in the world are the FTX executives
  • FTX attempts to claw back funds from Genesis
  • FTX debtors stumble on Mysten Labs
  • Is summary judgment in the Ripple SEC case almost due?
  • Nate Chastain is found guilty of insider trading
  • Poloniex settles with OFAC
  • OpenX is reprimanded by Dubai for not registering
  • Coinbase launches in Bermuda
  • Bhutan has been mining Bitcoin since 2020
  • NYMAG spills the beans about Protego
  • CIV is throwing a pickleball event at BTC Miami

Content mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor notes:

  • Coin Metrics State of the Network – MakerDAO’s Dai Dilemma: As one of the longest-standing DeFi protocols, Maker has held strong as the maintainer of the decentralized stablecoin Dai. Still, the protocol faces headwinds, and MakerDAO stakeholders must make major decisions about governance and risk management.