Weekly Roundup 05/13/22 (Terra collapses, FASB reconsiders Bitcoin accounting, the Fed’s third mandate) (EP.318)

Matt and Nic cover news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • The CIV hat snafu
  • Was synthetic USD on Bitmex the first stablecoin?
  • Remembering Mastercoin and seigniorage shares stablecoins
  • Does the Fed have a shadow third mandate?
  • We break down the Luna situation and why it was destined to fail
  • Why the subsidized yields on Anchor were the biggest mistake
  • Likely fallout from the Luna collapse
  • The Terra blockchain is halted
  • Do we actually need algorithmic stablecoins?
  • SBF acquires a stake in Robinhood
  • Is the Twitter sale to Elon under threat?

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