Weekly Roundup 05/17/24 (SAB121 repeal, Paul Ryan on stables, Bitcoin ETF 13Fs) (EP.528)

Matt and Nic are back with another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • The Senate votes to repeal SAB121
  • Which Democrats defied Biden on SAB121?
  • Chuck Schumer breaks with Warren
  • Paul Ryan’s pro-stablecoin comments on Bloomberg
  • CME is launching a spot crypto exchange
  • The State of Wisconsin owns over $100m of Bitcoin ETFs
  • Pump.fun exploited
  • MEV exploiters arrested by the DoJ
  • What’s up with Roaring Kitty?

Content mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor notes:

  • Bitcoin’s Halving Aftermath
  • In Coin Metrics’ State of the Network issue 259, we analyze the impact of Runes and miner revenues in Bitcoin’s post-halving landscape