Weekly Roundup 05/20/22 (Terra aftershocks, El Salvador’s Bitcoin summit, Tether concerns) (EP.320)

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Was UST/Terra a ponzi or not?
  • Fintech apps put client deposits into Anchor
  • Tradfi yields are competitive with DeFi yields
  • The GBTC discount reaches its highest ever level at -31% MSM crypto hate reaches a fever pitch
  • The World Bank publishes a new paper on crypto adoption
  • The Warren staff have a dossier of mean tweets
  • Will generalist VCs lose interest in web3?
  • El Salvador hosts a Bitcoin summit for a number of central banks
  • Nic’s secret origin story
  • Is eSwatini a dark horse candidate for the next Bitcoin Nation?
  • The Biden admin suggests segregating client deposits at exchanges
  • TradFi thinks Tether is about to collapse
  • Why no stablecoins are able to secure audits
  • Tether receives a new assurance opinion showing $39b of treasuries
  • How many outflows can Tether accommodate?
  • Differences in redemption between USDC and USDT
  • What does a crackdown in offshore assets by the CCP have to do with Tether?
  • Cloudflare’s wall of lava lamps
  • Is it time for a new batch of FUD dice?
  • We assess the quality of the Terra mea culpas

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