Weekly Roundup 05/21/21(Taproot edges closer to activation, IRS demands reports for $10k txns, OCC reversal on Bitcoin?)

Matt and Nic are back for another volatile week. In this episode:

  • Nic’s 72h fast
  • Nic explains the Moscow time joke on Bloomberg
  • Coinbase sells off
  • Our explanations for the selloff
  • Tax selling or Fed discussion of tapering?
  • Taproot edges towards activation
  • Eth monetary hardening – improving or impairing its monetary credibility?
  • IRS demands cash transaction reports for transactions over $10k
  • FinCEN doesn’t inflation-index their reporting thresholds
  • OCC reviews Brian Brooks’ rules
  • Will the new OCC be hostile to Bitcoin?
  • Tom Emmer asks accounting regulators to revisit their accounting treatment of digital assets
  • Elon suggests miners disclose their energy mix
  • Should miners buy carbon offsets?

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