Weekly Roundup 06/03/22 (Insider trading in NFTs, takeaways from Oslo, Biden wants to lower BTC emissions) (EP.324)

The original roundup cast return for a covid-stricken episode. In this roundup:

  • The boys are laid low with Covid (again!)
  • Nic recounts his visit to Norwegian parliament
  • Nic recaps the Oslo Freedom Forum
  • Are we on the brink of L2 summer?
  • Former Opensea PM is arrested on wire fraud/insider trading charges
  • Is there an insider trading standard for non-securities?
  • Korean prosecutors summon all Terraform Labs staff
  • Biden admin looks to lower the emissions footprint of Bitcoin
  • Two ways for the US Government to lower the emissions of Bitcoin
  • Does banning an asset make it worth less?
  • Do we need net neutrality for power?
  • OneRiver’s ETF application is denied
  • How the SEC can unlock $6b worth of value to Bitcoin investors
  • Crypto firms settle in for winter
  • Fidelity Digital Assets is doubling their headcount
  • Nic’s affiliate merch scandal

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