Weekly Roundup 06/07/24 (Bitstamp acquired, Paxos launches USDL, Bitcoin miners and AI, Kraken IPO rumors) (EP.534)

Matt and Nic are back for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Kerrisdale versus Bitcoin miners
  • Robinhood buys Bitstamp for $200m
  • Biden vetoes the SAB121 overturn bill
  • Is the Biden admin’s pro crypto tilt over?
  • Tucker interviews Bukele
  • Coinbase donates to Fairshake
  • SEC takes more Ls
  • Big inflows into the bitcoin ETFs
  • Are ETF inflows more about the basis trade?
  • Paxos launches the interest-bearing stablecoin USDL out of the UAE
  • Can Bitcoin miners sell into the AI cloud market?
  • Kraken is in talks to raise a pre-IPO round
  • State Street is reentering crypto
  • MiCA and stablecoins
  • Matt’s latest crisis
  • The barbell approach to AI investing

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