Weekly Roundup 06/16/23 (Prometheum madness, the Hinman emails, HK’s crypto banking play) (EP.431)

Matt and Nic are back for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Coin Metrics derives new estimates of Bitcoin’s electricity consumption
  • Nic reviews his Lasik experience
  • Matt takes Prometheum to task
  • Is Prometheum a patsy for the SEC?
  • Why is vaporware being elevated by the SEC and major exchanges being stymied?
  • We digest the Hinman emails and what they mean for ETH and XRP
  • What do the Hinman emails mean for the SEC’s
  • The SEC attempts to make DeFi protocols register as exchanges
  • Blackrock is about to file a renewed application for a Bitcoin ETF
  • Reps Davidson and Emmer’s SEC Stabilization Act
  • Hong Kong is pressuring banks to service crypto firms
  • Coindesk gets their hands on the NYAG’s Tether reports
  • Abra is in trouble

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