Weekly Roundup 07/01/22 (GBTC ETF denied, Bitcoin rationalism, CoinFLEX) (EP.331)

Matt and Nic return for the news and deals in another tumultuous week.

  • Matt is snubbed by Coin Metrics
  • Nic gets sort of cancelled on Twitter by the Bitcoin hardliners
  • Nic is not a Bitcoin Maximalist
  • Is there a positive, non-maximalist vision of Bitcoin?
  • BlockFi update
  • Our case for wallet-based passwordless authentication
  • CIV’s 3AC takes from last week start to be independently confirmed
  • What trade kicked off 3AC’s issues?
  • We reminisce over the stolen bike saga
  • BVI and Singapore regulators act on 3AC
  • Coinflex loses money on Roger Ver’s BCH trades
  • Matt’s Roger Ver story
  • Matt’s prior Up In the Air career
  • Grayscale’s GBTC ETF application is denied
  • Grayscale sues the SEC
  • Compass mining leadership departs
  • Solana launches a phone
  • North Korean hackers allegedly hack the Harmony bridge for $100m
  • Razzlekhan may have actually hacked Bitfinex
  • The Crypto Queen is on the FBI most wanted

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