Weekly Roundup 07/04/24 (Chevron overturned, prediction markets, revisiting Silvergate) (EP.541)

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Will Biden step down?
  • The importance of prediction markets in elections
  • Can you insider trade on prediction markets?
  • What does the SCOTUS repeal of Chevron mean for crypto?
  • SEC sues Consensys
  • Stripe and Coinbase partnership
  • Circle achieves MiCA compliance for USDC and EURC
  • Will Euro stables ever be popular?
  • Silvergate settles with the SEC, SF Fed, and California
  • Why the Silvergate story remains a huge scandal
  • Polkadot’s strange spending habits
  • Bozo of the week
  • Blackrock puts IBIT in their global allocation fund
  • Matt’s SEC-fu
  • The SEC’s new website
  • Stoner Cats in retrospect

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