Weekly Roundup 07/22/22 (More insider trading, SEC regulates via enforcement, more 3AC shenanigans) (EP. 335)

Matt and Nic return for news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Inert ETH from the crowdsale?
  • Why the credit crunch is like the European panic of 1772
  • Should we bring back full-liability banks?
  • Are Bitcoiners wrong to reject fractional reserve banking?
  • 1000 pages of 3AC intrigue from the court documents
  • Genesis had 2.6b gross exposure to 3ac
  • The 3AC blockchain .com transcripts
  • More 3AC shenanigans are revealed
  • Secret exchange insolvencies
  • Coinbase insider trading scandal
  • The SEC regulates by enforcement
  • Gensler is getting a lot of heat
  • Is the bottom in?
  • What is MVRV telling us right now?
  • What is the issue with ETH yield being related to MEV?
  • Can MEV be addressed?
  • Paul Krugman admits he was wrong about inflation
  • Christie’s launches a venture arm

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