Weekly Roundup 07/28/23 (Market Structure bill advances, stablecoin catch-22, debanking in the UK) (EP.441)

Matt and Nic are back with another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Nic’s issues editing the show
  • Why Washington is attacking PoR
  • Why Big 4 audit firms aren’t working on PoR
  • The Financial Innovation and Technology in the 21st Century bill (FIT) passes out of committee in the House
  • Six Democrats defect and support the bill
  • The Stablecoin bill reaches an impasse because the White House
  • Why stablecoins being limited to the banks is a paradox
  • The SEC settles with Quantstamp
  • SBF gets a gag order because he released Caroline Ellison’s diaries
  • SBF did actually pay for his legal defense with stolen FTX customer money
  • The UK gets embroiled in a banking scandal due to Nigel Farage
  • We digest the room temperature ambient pressure superconductor news
  • Nic’s pickleball injury

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