Weekly Roundup 08/05/22 (BlackRock jumps in, CFTC oversight bill, ETH PoW forks?) (EP.338)

Matt and Nic return for another week of deals and news. In this episode:

  • Is there any hope for ETH PoW forks?
  • Is Ethereum unforkeable?
  • More 3AC shenanigans of the week
  • The 3AC Toyota Century situation
  • The 3AC boys get some words of support from
  • A bipartisan bill proposes giving the CFTC oversight over the spot market
  • What’s up with the croissant diet
  • NYDFS fines Robinhood Crypto
  • Michael Saylor steps down from this CEO role at Microstrategy
  • The SEC charges 11 individuals involved in the Forsage ponzi
  • The other Nick Carter is in trouble for endorsing Safemoon
  • Another cross chain bridge is hacked
  • What happened with this Solana wallet hack?
  • Matt loses the tip of his finger
  • Coinbase partners up with Blackrock

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