Weekly Roundup 08/12/22 (Tornado Cash OFAC’d, Dai reconsiders USDC, Merge scheduled) (EP.339)

Matt and Nic return for another week of deals and news. In this episode:

  • Underwhelming Taproot adoption
  • Tornado Cash gets sanctioned by OFAC
  • Is Tornado a better mixer than coinjoin
  • Why the Tornado Cash sanctioning is the first of its kind
  • How much of the liquidity in Tornado Cash was illicit?
  • Are we at a turning point in financial privacy?
  • Why was Tornado Cash specifically targeted and not other mixers
  • Account-based versus UTXO systems and their effect on your ability to segregate funds
  • Can you really sanction a blockchain or smart contract?
  • The crypto wars of the 90s continue
  • Is Ethereum the biggest crypto platform for privacy today?
  • Is Dai at risk from USDC?
  • The Merge finally gets a launch date
  • BlackRock launches a Bitcoin spot trust

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