Weekly Roundup 08/11/23 (PayPal’s stablecoin, the Fed’s oversight program, Ryan Salame emerges) (EP.443)

Matt and Nic are back with more news and deals. In this episode:

  • Matt’s op-ed in Coindesk
  • SAB121 is still bad
  • SEC scope creep
  • We investigate PayPal’s stablecoin
  • Why would PayPal want to issue a stablecoin?
  • What does PYUSD mean for Operation Choke Point for 2.0?
  • Why PYUSD is being launched on Ethereum
  • Crypto as a flashpoint for state versus federal banking oversight
  • The Fed’s new crypto oversight program
  • Banks still can’t issue stablecoins in the US
  • Ryan Salame reemerges
  • What will become of Ryan Salame’s restaurant empire?
  • SBF will indeed be prosecuted on campaign finance violations
  • SBF’s trial will not be televised
  • LK-99 did NOT replicate

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