Weekly Roundup 08/19/22 (Treasury Activated Soft Fork, Coinbase vs Vitalik, do BTC miners censor?) (EP.341)

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • NYMag writes a long piece on 3AC
  • Is OTB a ‘crypto fanboy podcast’?
  • Are we up against the nation state ‘final boss’?
  • 3AC boat name reveal
  • The Toyota Century rumors are true
  • Revelations about 3ACs FX days
  • Did 3AC actually owe the Mafia money?
  • The 3AC Deribit deal
  • A new 3AC supporter dials in to the show
  • Machinsky was trading Celsius customer deposits
  • The Galaxy BitGo acquisition falls through
  • Dragonchain settles with the SEC
  • Hodlnaut files for creditor protection
  • Genesis reorganization
  • Tornado cash developer arrested in Amsterdam
  • Are Bitcoin miners filtering transactions for OFAC?
  • Will Coinbase censor Ethereum at the protocol level?
  • Vitalik suggests slashing Ethereum if they comply with OFAC at the protocol level
  • Would Coinbase ever abandon their staking business?
  • The effect of MEV on the centralization of PoS vs PoW
  • End of the merge rally?

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