Weekly Roundup 08/25/23 (Coinbase v Circle, Tornado Cash indictment, chat app tokens) (EP.446)

Matt and Nic are back for more news and deals. In this episode:

  • The Bitcoin halving is coming up
  • We review the Republican Presidential debate
  • We review the state of New Jersey
  • Coinbase takes a stake in Circle
  • Hidden tensions between Coinbase and Circle
  • BH Digital releases a stablecoin report
  • USDC is challenged due to their inability to pay interest
  • The DoJ charges the founders of Tornado Cash with AML and sanctions violations
  • Did the Tornado Cash token hurt the founders’ case?
  • The problem with chat apps creating their own tokens
  • FTX is working with Galaxy to liquidate some crypto
  • SBF isn’t happy with his prison meals
  • Prime Trust was up to some shenanigans

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