Weekly Roundup 08/25/22 (Emmer’s OFAC letter, Stables resist TC blacklists, Gensler’s OpEd) (EP.343)

Matt and Nic return for news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Matt’s prior radio career
  • The boys consider reinvesting in the podcast
  • How to avoid audience capture
  • We puzzle over metaverse advertising
  • How do you value metaverse real estate?
  • Rep. Tom Emmer writes a letter to OFAC questioning their sanctioning of Tornado Cash
  • Tether and BUSD (Paxos) don’t blacklist Tornado Cash addresses
  • The FDIC reprimands crypto companies
  • Web3 hoodies
  • Best podcast listening speeds
  • Are security tokens and real world assets back?
  • No new 3ac shenanigans
  • Tadge Dryja leaves MIT DCI for David Marcus’ Lightspark
  • New findings on OFAC censoring Bitcoin Mining pools
  • Tether has a new auditor
  • Can a firm with outstanding tokens be acquired or go public?
  • Gensler’s weird op-ed

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