Weekly Roundup 09/01/23 (SEC loses vs Grayscale, Impact Theory implications) (EP.447)

Matt and Nic are back for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Tether is actually the most interventionist stablecoin when it comes to freezing
  • Should we be bullish on PYUSD?
  • Why stablecoin data shows meaningful utility for public blockchains
  • Is the idea of a ‘crypto generalist’ dead?
  • The meaning of the SEC’s loss in court to Grayscale
  • Why the SEC was ‘arbitrary and capricious’
  • The SEC’s blunder over their approval of Futs ETFs
  • The SEC’s possible options
  • Our guesses for how the SEC reacts to their loss
  • The SEC delays other pending spot ETFs
  • The SEC wins against Impact Theory
  •  Why the case against Impact Theory could implicate a lot of other NFT projects
  • Uniswap wins a class action case
  • What does the SEC’s case against Binance being under seal mean?

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