Weekly Roundup 09/09/22 (Stablecoin wars, White House energy report, Gensler attacks) (EP.347)

Matt and Nic return for news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • Nic’s shoe problem
  • Web3 merch for OTB?
  • The White House releases a report on crypto asset energy usage
  • Why the US should encourage mining within its borders
  • Coinbase is funding a lawsuit against OFAC
  • Binance is converting USDC into BUSD on their platform
  • Poolin is having liquidity problems
  • Russia considers crypto for cross border payments
  • The US Government recovers $30m from the Axie hack
  • Gensler keeps firing barbs
  • Nic doesn’t buy the supply shock thesis around the Merge
  • Will ETH have another high fee era?
  • What could an ETH carry trade look like?

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