Weekly News Roundup 09/11/20 (Crypto penetration by country, DeFi moats and valuations, how DeFi reminds us of PoW launches)

Matt and Nic return for deals and news of the week. In this episode:

  • the NFL is BACK
  • Matt’s predictions for the Patriots season
  • New data on countries where crypto penetration is highest
  • Mastercard launches a CBDC testing platform
  • USDC launches on Algorand
  • Past is prologue for stablecoins moving chains
  • DCG continues to grow into a juggernaut
  • Our Sushiswap explainer
  • Can DeFi projects maintain sustainable moats?
  • What distinguishes DeFi tokens from ICOs?
  • Why you can’t apply traditional equity earnings multiples to DeFi valuations
  • How Sushi reminds us of Monero’s origins
  • How Curve reminds us of Dash’s launch
  • Why communities often stick with botched ‘fair launches’

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