Weekly News Roundup 09/18/20 (Why Wyoming’s SPDI is so exciting, a shift in tone from the SEC, Microstrategy keeps stacking)

Matt and Nic return to cover news of the week. In this episode:

  • Our review of NFL week 1
  • Whether or not securities law topics come up at parties
  • Why we’re so excited about Kraken getting the Wyoming SPDI
  • Why the SPDI being full reserve is so important – and why it eliminates certain regulators from the picture
  • How Kraken’s bank charter is reminiscent of a classic scene in There Will Be Blood
  • Why Wyoming’s SPDI is a long-awaited rebuke to Operation Choke Point
  • Michael Saylor stacks MORE sats
  • How Matt was able to initially break the Microstrategy news
  • Why financial services firms looking at crypto need buy-in from the top
  • Michael Saylor’s revealing quote about Bitcoin’s hard forks
  • Why shrugging off hard forks defeats a key critique of Bitcoin
  • What the SEC settlement with Unikorn inc means for other tokens
  • The SEC sanctions rapper TI
  • Matt’s embarrassing TI story
  • Our current view on handshakes
  • Why the settlement quality of stablecoins is context-specific

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