Weekly Roundup (ETF chatter, Tungsten cubes, USA #1 in mining, insider airdropping)

Nic and Matt are back for our 250th episode! We discuss:

  • ETF chatter heats up
  • Where the Tungsten memes come from
  • Why tungsten is good
  • Coinbase launches an NFT platform
  • Ribbon airdrop controversy
  • How DeFi airdrops are like the McDonalds monopoly game
  • Does the token industry need a disclosure framework?
  • Miami plans to pay employees in Bitcoin
  • Stripe is getting back into crypto
  • Jamie Dimon wants to know how it ends at 21 million
  • China’s hashrate goes to virtually 0
  • The USA is the center of hash
  • We retire an old FUD

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