Weekly Roundup 10/16/20 (Does China control Bitcoin?, Filecoin launches, Heath Tarbert praises Ethereum)

Matt and Nic cover deals and news of the week. In this episode:

  • NYDIG emerges from stealth and announces a Bitcoin balance sheet position
  • More companies add Bitcoin to their balance sheet
  • Filecoin launches at a $200b implied fully diluted valuation
  • Is the Filecoin SAFT different from the other SAFTs?
  • Why token projects are strongly incentivized to stay untransparent about their tokens
  • CFTC chair Heath Tarbert praises Ethereum
  • The relationship between securities and commodities
  • Ripple complains about securities regulation and claims China controls Bitcoin
  • Grayscale Ether Trust becomes an SEC reporting entity
  • Grayscale raises $1b in Q3
  • Breitling creates NFTs as an anti-counterfeiting measure
  • Risks involved with brainwallets
  • Coinbase plans to sponsor Bitcoin developers
  • A new deadline in the Mt Gox saga

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