Weekly Roundup 10/22/21 (Proshares ETF launches, CBOE acquires ErisX, FB’s Metaverse ambitions, Tungsten takes over)

Matt and Nic are back for a monster week of deals and news. In this episode:

  • CBOE acquires ErisX
  • FTX raises a monster round
  • Worldcoin launches with their eyeball scanner
  • The Proshares futures-based ETF goes live and sets a record
  • Why are futures-based ETFs expensive?
  • the Proshares ETF starts to max out its futures exposure
  • What will be the fate of GBTC?
  • Grayscale announces a $1b buyback of GBTC
  • Hester Peirce delivers another great talk
  • Tether settles with the CFTC
  • The academia-press complex
  • Diem launches a Novi stablecoin based on USDP
  • Why stablecoins are a frontier in the battle over financial privacy
  • Facebook leans hard into the metaverse
  • Tungsten takes over
  • Square makes ASICs
  • Why you shouldn’t eat your tungsten cube
  • Will CMS intern be able to lift the 7 inch cube?

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