Weekly Roundup 10/23/20 (PayPal jumps in, the banks push back at the SPDI, are CBDCs inflationary?)

Matt and Nic cover deals and news of the week. In this episode:

  • PTJ’s latest comments on Bitcoin
  • How Bitcoin is akin to a cathedral
  • Franklin Templeton invests in Curv
  • PayPal launches a crypto offering
  • Will PayPal open up its walled garden?
  • The Kik story finally reaches a conclusion
  • Coinbase publishes their first transparency report
  • Paradigm’s big bet
  • Is CBDC going to be pro-inflationary?
  • The bank lobby pushes back at the Wyoming SPDI
  • Why this bull run is more sustainable than that of 2017
  • How Bitcoin scales with capital, not people

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