Roundup 10/28/22 (Bitcoin’s hashrate spike, Miner insolvencies, Lightning v Rollups) (EP.365)

Matt and Nic are back for another week of deals and news. In this episode:

  • Full time crypto haters
  • What’s the deal with the nocoiner think tank?
  • Eric Wall and Udi vs Bitcoiners
  • Did Bitcoin put all of its eggs in the LN basket?
  • Scaling isn’t LN versus big blocks any more
  • Is there just one scaling solution for blockchains?
  • What are the prospects for ZK Rollups on Bitcoin?
  • Spam attacks on BSV and Zcash
  • Bitcoin Miners are going bankrupt
  • How did the Ethereum merge affect Bitcoin miners
  • What’s the deal with Bitcoin’s hashrate spike?
  • Are non-economic Bitcoin miners killing the free market for mining?
  • What’s the deal with miner lenders?
  • Synthetic Bitcoin stablecoins
  • Is Twitter fairly priced at the deal price?
  • Matt Levine’s 40k word article on crypto
  • Is the pivot finally in?

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