Weekly Roundup 11/06/20 (Blockchain voting, a $1B Bitcoin forfeiture, election outcomes and inflation)

Matt and Nic cover deals and the news of the week. In this episode:

  • The latest on Matt’s bike saga
  • Possible election outcomes and the prospect for inflation
  • How Kelly Loeffer’s runoff election might affect Bitcoin
  • Were prediction markets vindicated by the election?
  • The government seizes $1b worth of Bitcoin
  • Why the seized bitcoin is good news
  • Our take on the big Blockchain Voting Debate
  • Our explanation for why people are curious about blockchains for voting
  • Longtime Bitcoin holder Cynthia Lummis joins the Senate
  • Decentralized storage tech is reaching geopolitical levels of importance
  • Why Bitcoin’s demand in 2020 might be more enduring than the demand in 2017

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