Weekly Roundup 11/24/22 (SBF is at large, DCG’s fate, what we are thankful for) (EP.374)

Matt and Nic return for a Thanksgiving episode of OTB. In this episode:

  • Liz Warren writes her first good letter ever?
  • SBF is striking a defiant tone
  • Sam’s new letter to employees
  • Is the Alameda/FTX situation really that complicated?
  • Sam’s parents bought tens of millions worth of Bahamas property
  • The Bahamas steps in and seizes some funds
  • Should the US annex the Bahamas?
  • Should the US use ‘extraordinary rendition’ on SBF?
  • Is this the death of meme rounds of financings?
  • Semafor reports on SBF without disclosing that he was an investor
  • Was FTX ‘just a classic bank run’?
  • Why don’t journalists understand that the FTX situation was fraud?
  • Where are the Bahamas prosecutors in all this?
  • Further contagion in the crypto lending market
  • What is to become of DCG?
  • Could Grayscale use Reg M to do GBTC redemptions?
  • NY Governor Kathy Hochul finally signs a moratorium on Bitcoin mining
  • OkX launches a Proof of Reserve
  • Who are we thankful for?

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