Weekly Roundup 12/04/20 (The Dastardly STABLE Act, USDC partners with Visa, Larry Fink evolves on Bitcoin)

In this week’s episode, Nic and Matt torch the STABLE Act cosponsored by their local representative Stephen Lynch (MA-8). Also covered:

  • Stephen Lynch and Rashida Tlaib’s STABLE Act
  • What the STABLE Act requires of fintech providers hosting user balances
  • What stablecoin issuers are not like banks
  • Why the STABLE Act would be disastrous for competition in the Fintech space
  • Why the moral positioning for the bill is internally inconsistent
  • The prospects for the STABLE Act
  • Why legislation like the STABLE Act will likely become
  • USDC partners with Visa, and what it means for the industry
  • Why the USDC-Visa partnership solves a critical issue that the industry has had for years
  • BlockFi announces a Bitcoin-back credit card
  • Larry Fink starts to shift his tone on Bitcoin
  • Garry Cohn’s bizarre new Bitcoin critique
  • Our takeaways from the BCAP Bitcoin survey
  • Will Bitcoin outlive the Euro?

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