Weekly Roundup 12/15/23 (Cantor and Tether, cash vs in-kind ETFs) (EP.486)

Matt and Nic return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Coinbase’s positioning ahead of the ETF
  • Cantor CEO Howard Lutnick acknowledges their Tether role
  • Where do we stand on cash creation versus in-kind creation for the Bitcoin ETF?
  • Coinbase launches an RWA hub in Abu Dhabi
  • Kucoin settles with the state of New York
  • Do Kwon is staying in Montenegro a bit longer
  • Coinlist settles an OFAC violation
  • FASB adopts (again?) fair value accounting for Bitcoin
  • SBF’s lawyer said he was the “worst witness he’s ever seen”
  • The status of Warren’s anti-ML crypto bill
  • How potent will the crypto lobby be in 2024?

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