Weekly Roundup 12/24/21 (Bitcoin ownership concentration, Jack Dorsey’s web3 beef, Corporate Greed causing Inflation?)

Matt and Nic return for a festive Christmas eve roundup. In this episode:

  • Reevaluating our intro song
  • Jack Dorsey’s web3 beef
  • What’s on our Christmas list
  • Is PoW inherently high-fee?
  • We steelman the Jack Dorsey and the pro web3 arguments
  • Is there a paradox in web3?
  • We advance a model of tapered token issuance for web3
  • The downsides of token issuance to early adopters
  • Is Liz Warren right about corporate greed causing inflation?
  • Radioshak releases a defi token
  • Is Bitcoin ownership too concentrated?
  • Bitcoin is dispersing while equities are concentrating
  • Will there be a revolt among the staffers at the SEC?

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