Weekly Roundup 12/29/23 (2024 predictions, BSA unconstitutional, ETH ETF prospects) (EP.493)

Matt and Nic return for the last week of 2023. In this episode:

  • South Shore bar pie
  • Our 2024 resolutions
  • Was Barry Silbert the main character
  • Bitcoin miners had a good year
  • ARK is selling their GBTC holdings
  • The Cointucky Derby
  • Will an ETH ETF be a fast follow?
  • Will ETF sponsors sue the SEC over cash create for ETFs?
  • Nic and Matt’s 2024 predictions for stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, and adoption
  • Solana versus Ethereum debate
  • ETH L2 gas usage and EIP4844
  • Is the BSA unconstitutional?
  • Is 2024 the year the 3AC boys are finally apprehended?

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