Weekly Roundup 12/30/22 (Avi Eisenberg arrest, weather affects the hashrate, our predictions for 2023) (EP.384)

Nic and Matt return for another week of news and deals. In this episode:

  • Galaxy acquires the Helios miner facility from Argo
  • Consolidating in the miner space
  • A new bad boy bursts onto the scene
  • Avraham Eisenberg is arrested in Puerto Rico
  • Should it be illegal to exploit defi contracts, even if you reach an agreement with the DAO?
  • Craig Wright’s case against Peter McCormack
  • SBF is slated to enter a plea
  • What’s the deal with IEX and FTX?
  • Nic’s Michael Lewis conspiracy
  • The FTX blockfolio acquisition was mostly financed with FTT
  • The cold snap causes Bitcoin hashrate to decline around 40% in a week
  • Exchanges are unbundling custody and order matching
  • Our predictions for 2023

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