Andrew Myers and Brock Peterson (Satoshi Energy) on Monetizing Renewables with Bitcoin (EP.305)

Andrew Myers and Brock Petersen of Satoshi Energy join the show to cover how Bitcoin mining monetizes renewables. In this episode we cover:

  • Andrew and Brock’s origin story
  • How Satoshi Energy develops sites and infrastructure for miners
  • Is Satoshi Energy explicitly renewable focused?
  • How mining with intermittent renewables can be economical
  • How Bitcoin mining improves the economics of renewables
  • The merits of the behind the meter approach
  • How using Bitcoin as an offtake improves the economics of renewable generation assets
  • The role of demand response as renewables account for more generation
  • Does Bitcoin actually incentivize renewable generation?
  • Is the future of Bitcoin mining vertically integrated?
  • What does the interconnection queue tell us about the future of renewables?
  • Book recommendations

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