Boaz Sobrado on Bitcoin adoption trends in Cuba

Boaz Sobrado, data analyst and the founder of joins the show to talk about trends in Cuban Bitcoin adoption. In this episode:

  • How Boaz came to start an ecommerce company in Cuba and how Bitcoin became relevant to him
  • The structure of Bitcoin trading markets in Cuba
  • How Bitcoin currently trades in Cuba
  • Drivers of Bitcoin adoption in Cuba
  • Why Cuba until recently hasn’t been known as an important jurisdiction for Bitcoin
  • Why Cuba doesn’t show up in the typical proxies for bitcoin usage
  • Why internet penetration in Cuba is accelerating Bitcoin adoption
  • How Bitcoin is incorporated into the remittance flow in Cuba
  • How the Cuban regime thinks about and talks about Bitcoin
  • The history of Cuba’s three simultaneous sovereign currencies
  • How the sovereign currency transitions are a means for the government to acquire hard currency at the expense of savers
  • The key factors supporting a wave of Bitcoin adoption in Cuba today
  • How Bitcoin markets permit the pricing of the black market peso rate

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