Paolo Fragomeni (Socket Supply Co) on the Definition of web3 (EP.306)

Socket Supply Co founder and CEO Paolo Fragomeni joins the show to discuss what web3 is and isn’t – and what it should be. In this episode:

  • Paolo’s start writing modem software and BBS in the pre-modern web days
  • What delineated web 1.0 from web 2.0
  • The single request that really made web 2.0 possible
  • How today’s web is limited by incumbents
  • When did web 3.0 really emerge? What distinguishes it from 2.0?
  • Best definitions of web3?
  • State of the web in terms of centralization and prospects from here
  • How the internet has flip flopped between centralization and decentralization
  • What will push users towards web3?
  • Moxie’s comments on web3 and whether they have any merit
  • What Paolo is building at Socket Supply
  • Why p2p is so fundamental
  • How to get started with Socket Supply

Read about Socket Supply in Coindesk and on their website.

Intro/outro music: Ocarina #986 (used with permission)