Edan Yago (Sovryn) on Bitcoin-Native DeFi

Edan Yago, product lead at Sovryn, talks us through the prospects for DeFi on Bitcoin. In this episode:

  • Edan Yago’s origin story
  • How Edan became disenchanted with the Bitcoin community’s ambition
  • Did Bitcoiners compromise on an original vision of adopting successful alternative technologies?
  • Is Bitcoin sufficiently expressive to be a functional base layer for smart contracting?
  • Was the original vision of sidechains abandoned?
  • The state of the art in trustless sidechains
  • Is the perfect the enemy of the good with Bitcoin?
  • Is Lightning “worse is better”?
  • Is Bitcoin hamstrung by the pursuit of perfection?
  • Why compromising on trust assurances has been a boon for Ethereum
  • Why native smart contracting on Bitcoin is superior to using wrapped Bitcoin on Ethereum
  • Do rollups break composability for DeFi?
  • Is DeFi subsidized by token issuance and liquidity mining?
  • What can Bitcoiners learn from Ethereum?
  • Thoughts on other Bitcoin L2s like Blockstack
  • Update on Rootstock/RSK and why Sovryn is building on it
  • What Sovryn is and what you can do with it
  • Does Sovryn require any changes to Bitcoin itself