Nicholas Gregory (CommerceBlock) on statechains for scalability and privacy

Nicholas Gregory, CEO of CommerceBlock, joins the show to talk about their new statechain implementation, Mercury. In this episode:

  • Origins of CommerceBlock
  • Nicholas’ prior career in martial arts
  • Nicholas’ underground MMA club in NY
  • Did Roger Ver take the most expensive BJJ lesson ever?
  • The purpose of CommerceBlock’s Mainstay system
  • The difference between OpenTimestamps and Mainstay
  • How sidechains evolved from the original vision and where they are today
  • What can Bitcoin learn from Ethereum?
  • Nic’s rundown of privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Centralized mixers versus coinjoin versus statechains for privacy
  • How statechains allows you to send a UTXO without an on-chain transaction
  • Trust drawbacks and caveats in using statechains
  • CommerceBlock’s Mercury statechain implementation
  • Statechains as virtual opendimes
  • Synergies between statechains and Lightning
  • Nicholas’ thoughts on Bitcoin scalability
  • Statechain timelines

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