Paul Prager (TeraWulf) Building a Zero Carbon Bitcoin Miner (EP.315)

TeraWulf cofounder and CEO Paul Prager joins us to talk about his experience building a vertically-integrated, zero carbon Bitcoin miner. In this installment of the mining miniseries we cover:

  • Paul’s career trajectory from coal trading to energy infrastructure to Bitcoin
  • Beowulf’s deal with Marathon and their entry into Bitcoin
  • How TeraWulf distinguishes itself from other Bitcoin miners
  • Why TeraWulf has an explicit ESG focus
  • Zero carbon and how that differs from ‘carbon neutral’
  • The importance of being vertically integrated
  • How Paul thinks about the halvings and how that affects their business
  • TeraWulf’s facility in upstate NY
  • Paul’s views on NY State’s approach to Bitcoin mining
  • How the Bitcoin mining industry struggles with proactive messaging
  • TeraWulf’s 300 MW nuclear-powered facility in Pennsylvania
  • Why Bitcoin is synergistic with nuclear power
  • The prospects for nuclear bitcoin mining
  • TeraWulf’s zero-carbon approach and how that manages risk
  • TeraWulf’s plans for growing their hashrate under management
  • The characteristics that TeraWulf looks for in new sites
  • Will Bitcoin miners develop better transparency around emissions data?
  • Why mining is so useful for decarbonization through curtailment programs
  • The convergence between the energy sector and Bitcoin mining
  • Why vertical integration and zero carbon will prevail in Bitcoin mining long term
  • Trends in consolidation Paul expects
  • Why vertical integration allows you to manage your risk better than a hosting model
  • What public market analysts should be doing when they evaluate miners

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