Mason Borda (Tokensoft) on the convergence of tokens and capital markets

Mason Borda, CEO and cofounder of Tokensoft, joins the show. In this episode:

  • Tokensoft’s ERC-1404 standard
  • Why put securities on chain?
  • Commonalities between the spirit of securities laws and the values of crypto markets
  • The possibility of making stock transactions into a real time phenomenon
  • Transparency through registered security offerings versus on-chain cash flows and freely viewable contracts
  • How on-chain tokens are transparent and where they should volunteer additional disclosures
  • Tokensoft’s Arcoin and INX issuances
  • Mason’s response to the critiques of the INX offering
  • Why regular companies don’t just “hold their own securities on a centralized database”
  • DTCC explained for Bitcoiners
  • How Mason thinks about securities regulation today as compared with 2017
  • Is the ‘complexity defense’ sufficient to ward off securities regulators?
  • Mason’s desired approach to the market from the SEC
  • Lessons that the SEC can take from MAS (Singapore) and FINMA (Switzerland)
  • The outstanding barriers to security tokens gaining liquidity and market share