Rafael Cosman (TrustToken) on Uncollateralized On-Chain Lending

Rafael Cosman, cofounder and CEO of TrustToken, joins the show to talk stablecoins and TrueFi, their non-fully collateralized lending protocol. In this episode:

  • TrustToken’s various stablecoins that they administer
  • The real-time stablecoin attestations TrustToken has done with Armanino
  • How a real time attestation works
  • Why the USD is so disproportionate in market share among stablecoins
  • Why DeFi is potentially the killer app for stablecoins today
  • Why Trust Token built a global fx currency basket
  • Why overcollateralized lending doesn’t necessarily constitute lending in the traditional sense
  • How TrueFi introduces uncollateralized lending into DeFi
  • How underwriting and credit creation works in a public blockchain context
  • How legal contracts are introduced into DeFi
  • Howo the TrueFi system incorporates revisions in creditworthiness
  • How on-chain credit scores could proliferate and be used on a cross-platform basis
  • How privacy is compatible with on-chain credit scoring
  • Rafael’s explanation for structurally high interest rates in DeFi
  • The contrast between crypto yields and legacy yields