VÉRITÉ and Vanessa on empowering artists to be CEOs of their own world (EP.295)

Singer and songwriter, VÉRITÉ (Kelsey Byrne), and artist manager, Vanessa Magos have been leading the charge for artists and their teams to learn about and experiment in web3. In our third episode in the web3 music mini-series, they joined us to talk about:

  • Artists as CEOs who bootstrap their business and put themselves in positions of power and ownership
  • Artists being locked into the arbitrary fixed price imposed on music by the industry
  • A future where artists have access to their fans free of paywalls, algorithms, and third parties
  • The role music DAOs can play in restructuring artist teams

You can find VERITE and Vanessa on Twitter @verite and @vanessamagos, respectively.

Intro and outro track: OmgKirby Genesis #326