Weekly News Roundup 07/17/20 feat. Alex Treece (Twitter is hacked, social media property rights, fintech meets crypto)

Matt and Nic review the stories of the week, featuring special guest Alex Treece, president and cofounder of Zabo. Alex joins the show to discuss his report covering the intersection of fintech and cryptocurrency. Also in this episode:

  • We gripe about the SaaSification of the world and the loss of genuine ownership
  • Whether the Bitcoin hero’s journey requires a private blockchain digression
  • The boys argue about the merit of soccer
  • We talk Twitter hack scenarios
  • Why the Twitter hackers had to use Bitcoin
  • Social media handles as property
  • Grayscale’s blockbuster quarter
  • Abra settles with the SEC
  • We cover the theory that individual bitcoins don’t actually exist

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