Weekly News Roundup feat. Lucas Nuzzi 08/14/20 (Asteroid gold mining, Microstrategy, Ethereum’s “supplygate”)

Coin Metrics network data product lead Lucas Nuzzi joins the show to help explain how to audit the supply of Ethereum – and other, even more challenging blockchains. Also covered in this episode:

  • Does the Winklevoss gold asteroid mining talking point have any merit?
  • Are the Winklevii being ironic or sincere
  • The Boston Fed is hiring crypto engineers
  • Why DeFi tokens remind us of PoW launches from 2014
  • Why we need a new taxonomy for autonomous fair launched DeFi tokens
  • Why DeFi might not herald a resurgence of the ICO phenomenon
  • Microstrategy surprises to the upside
  • Facebook focuses on payments
  • ETH supplygate explained