Weekly News Roundup 08/28/20 (Fidelity’s Bitcoin fund, Is whisky a SoV, do security tokens make sense?)

Nic and Matt cover news and deals of the week. In this episode:

  • FTX acquires Blockfolio for $150m
  • DCG announces a $100m investment in Foundry, a mining subsidiary
  • Fidelity files with the SEC for a Bitcoin fund – and what this means for other asset managers
  • Why large asset managers have not built products around Bitcoin just yet
  • The INX situation explained
  • Why security tokens might actually make sense
  • The Boston Fed is evaluating 30 different blockchains for their digital dollar project
  • Do exchanges owe depositors their forked coins?
  • How will NYDFS react to the Wyoming SPDI?
  • The Fed signals a more inflationary environment
  • Can you use whisky as a SoV?

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