Weekly News Roundup 07/10/20 (More cryptodollars, the FATF explained, Coinbase IPO rumblings)

Matt and Nic cover the top stories of the week. In this episode:

  • Nic’s viral Tweet
  • The Fed competes with crypto startups for talent
  • TikTok influences the crypto markets
  • Why supply metrics should be reexamined
  • Why we wrote our cryptodollar whitepaper
  • Chainalysis raises another round
  • Coinbase IPO rumors
  • USDC funds are frozen for the first time
  • Can the stablecoin ‘blacklist model’ survive?
  • Our FATF 101 and what their new guidance means for the industry
  • What the ‘travel rule’ actually means
  • why the FATF is worried about stablecoins
  • The FATF fires a shot at decentralized stablecoins

Content mentioned in this episode:


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