Weekly News Roundup 6/26/20 (Paypal rumors, Telegram settles with the SEC, the Compound situation demystified)

Matt and Nic cover the top stories of the week. In this episode:

  • More Proof of Reserve chatter
  • OmiseGo’s parent company raises $80m
  • Bitmex backs a new options exchange
  • Paypal plans to roll out crypto products
  • KPMG announces Chain Fusion
  • USDC goes multi-chain
  • We explain the COMP situation
  • Telegram finally settles with the SEC
  • Jay Clayton eyes the SNDY job
  • An explanation of Bitcoin as a synthetic commodity money
  • Our favorite and least favorite regional Fed branches
  • Why a US CBDC has troubling privacy implications
  • Our breakdown of the Compound situation

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