Weekly News Roundup 07/02/20 (Zimbabwe re-dollarization, Bitcoin’s GINI coefficient, more issues with ‘market cap’)

Matt and Nic cover the top stories of the week. In this episode:

  • The MPC custody debate
  • NYDIG raises $190m for a Bitcoin fund
  • Zimbabwe bans all mobile money services and contemplates redollarization
  • 4% of the UK population owns cryptocurrency, according to the securities regulator
  • What a long-defunct exchange has to do with Bitcoin’s GINI coefficient
  • Why the ‘market cap’ of BCH and BSV is significantly overstated
  • Why ‘market cap’ remains a problematic measure to compare cryptoassets
  • Ark Invest’s rebuttal to Goldman
  • Nic gets a paper published in an antitrust law journal
  • The looming antitrust wave against big tech

Content mentioned in this episode:


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